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Music Studio | Event & Wedding Band
We are a professional team with many years of experience in the music industry!
More than 500 successful music projects!
Anything around music: studio recording or production!
We will find a wedding & event band of any music style for you!
With us you are in the right place and in the best hands!
Sing, speak or rap: We make sure that your voice sounds professional.
It doesn't matter whether you're an amateur or a professional.

We record your instrument professionally (e.g. drums, percussion, keyboards, basses, guitars, woodwinds & brass, strings...) and take care of all post-processing.

Thanks to mobile equipment, recordings can also be made at your place.

Recording and editing vocals and instruments can take a different amount of time depending on the type of recording and the size of the project. Therefore, we calculate the price of a recording based on the actual time spent.
Mix & Mastering
Online mix
The individual tracks of your song are professionally mixed. At the end you get the finished mixed song.

You save time and travel costs, you can listen to the result in your usual listening environment and you get the best possible mix.

If something needs to be changed in the mix or master later, we'll be happy to adjust your song again (2x free of charge).

Before publication, your finished (stereo) mix will be checked for technical errors, improved in sound and optimized in volume.

Stem mastering
For even more possibilities, please send us separate groups (e.g. for drums, instruments, vocals) instead of a stereo mix.

If you still have any change requests, we will be happy to adjust the master again for you (2x free of charge).
Do you already have ideas for a song? And is there already a demo?
We turn it into a finished and professional-sounding music production.
We optimize your existing recordings, record your voice or instrument.
We record professional musicians for your project (e.g. drums, guitars, keyboards...) and take care of the mixing and mastering.

Do you want your ad to be unforgettable? "EARWURM Advertising" We make the best jingles for your advertising on TV, radio, YouTube...

For film music, we can provide and record complete bands, a choir or an orchestra.
Audio Restoration
You have for example an audio recording that has background noise, hum or crackle etc.? Strong S‑sounds, smacks or breaths can be heard in the vocal track? You want to enhance this recording and have the noise minimized or removed.

With state-of-the-art restoration software and our many years of experience in audio restoration, we remove or reduce background noise from your recordings. In most cases this can improve old or dirty recordings.
Gift Card
Special gift!
Are you looking for the right gift? Well, here it is: a voucher for a very special experience!
This voucher can be redeemed for any of our services (e.g. recording, mixing, mastering or an event).
You determine the value of the voucher yourself and you can adapt it to the respective occasion.

Gift idea!
Pick a song that you can sing well (e.g. your favorite song or a song with a special message). Then ask us about the song and an appointment.
If the song and the date are available, we will record you on the desired day. You'll see, it's really fun!
After that you can give away a unique and fully edited song (wrong notes will be corrected and everything will be professionally mixed & mastered).
Budget, effort, deadlines... every project is different.
So is the price.
We look forward to hearing from you and discussing the details by email!
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